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More than 1.2 billion people use mobile devices to access internet. Rapid growth of mobile search makes it important to check your website’s performance on smaller devices.

TechieLeo team perfects user experience of mobile applications by:

a person holding a cell phone in front of a laptop
a person holding a cell phone in front of a laptop
  • Testing app functionality across multiple mobile devices and operating systems (OS) is a critical aspect of ensuring a seamless user experience. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of the application's features and functionalities on diverse devices and platforms to identify and address potential issues.

  • Selecting appropriate simulators and emulators is a key consideration in mobile app testing. By choosing these tools wisely, testing teams can replicate real-world device and OS environments, enabling thorough testing without the need for an extensive physical device inventory.

  • Checking content adaptability and visual appeal on multiple devices is essential for maintaining a consistent and visually appealing user interface. This testing aspect focuses on verifying that the app's content adapts appropriately to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly design.

  • Conducting UX and navigation testing on multiple devices is crucial to validate that users can seamlessly navigate through the app on various devices. This ensures that the user experience remains intuitive and consistent across a diverse range of mobile platforms.

  • Testing for non-functional cases such as battery usage and installation is an integral part of mobile app testing. Assessing how the app impacts device resources, like battery life, and ensuring smooth installation processes contribute to a positive user experience.

  • Checking load time on multiple mobile OSs and performance analysis is imperative for optimizing the app's speed and responsiveness. This involves evaluating how quickly the app loads and performs on different operating systems, addressing any performance disparities.

  • Conducting security testing for mobile applications is a critical measure to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. This involves assessing the app's resistance to various security threats, ensuring the protection of user data and the overall integrity of the application.

  • Using both open source and paid mobile automation tools for testing is a strategic approach to enhance testing efficiency. Leveraging automation tools enables testing teams to conduct repetitive tasks efficiently, ensuring thorough and consistent testing across various mobile devices and operating systems.

Mobile Games Testing

Online industry has transformed with digitization, globalization and Mobile games are playing a crucial role in this transformation. However, with this evolution lot of other challenges arise those needs to be address carefully for flawless gaming experience. Clients invest lot of money, time and efforts to develop the games. But if the appropriate game testing is not done then it leads to crashes, negative user experience, issues in different devices. To avoid such issues, we must hire an effective and experience team.

Common believe we have, Mobile App team will do the game testing also, However this is not true, Testing of games, We need gamers, those have keen interest in games and gaming is their passion. We have highly-passionate and professional game testers team that give their best to attain the desired results and add value to the game using their rich domain expertise. Our gaming testers are conscious of the latest trends and advancements in the gaming industry and set up their unique preferences accordingly, for the benefit of the client. TechieLeo team works with following points while doing Game Testing

  • In the testing process, it is crucial to identify testable items, non-testable items, as well as targets and measures for both functional and non-functional requirements. This comprehensive approach ensures that testing efforts are aligned with specific objectives, allowing for a thorough assessment of the application's performance against defined criteria.

  • Install, uninstall, and update testing forms an integral part of the testing regimen, ensuring that the application's installation and update processes are smooth and error-free. This encompasses validating the effectiveness of these operations and identifying any issues related to the installation, uninstallation, or updating of the software.

  • User Interface (UI) testing and usability testing focus on evaluating the visual elements and user experience of the application. These tests ensure that the user interface is intuitive, visually appealing, and that users can interact seamlessly with the game, contributing to a positive and engaging user experience.

  • Functionality testing involves a meticulous examination of all the functionalities of the game. This comprehensive assessment ensures that each feature operates as intended, addressing potential issues and verifying the overall functionality of the game.

  • Multi-platform testing and compatibility testing are crucial to guarantee that the game performs seamlessly across different platforms and devices. This testing approach validates the compatibility of the game with various operating systems and devices, ensuring a consistent experience for users.

  • Role-based and permissions testing is essential for validating that different user roles and permissions are appropriately implemented. This ensures that users have the correct level of access and permissions based on their roles within the game.

  • Complete performance evaluation includes testing against processor and memory constraints, assessing network connectivity, and more. This holistic performance testing ensures that the game operates efficiently under varying conditions, providing a smooth and responsive user experience.

  • Multiplayer and globalization testing assess the game's performance in multiplayer scenarios and its adaptability to different cultural and linguistic contexts. This ensures that multiplayer functionalities work seamlessly and that the game is accessible and enjoyable for a global audience.

  • Security and recovery testing are critical aspects of the testing process, aiming to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities and ensuring the game's ability to recover gracefully from unforeseen issues or crashes.

  • A detailed bug report is generated for all the testing performed. This comprehensive document provides a record of identified issues, their severity, and steps to reproduce them, facilitating effective communication and collaboration between testing teams and developers

two people playing Sony PS4 game console
two people playing Sony PS4 game console