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Why Software Testing?

In Today’s era of Agile, continuous development, testing and release is the basic requirement of all the systems to remain upbeat in competitive market .Whether you make small updates every other day or big updates every few months, or Hotfixes you need to make sure such changes are not affecting website’s or software's' overall performance and existing functionality. We offer continuous testing (CT) to Ensuring data security, integrity & confidentiality of your information faster release cycles, using Dev oops and CI/CD. This process of continuous testing is implemented using test automation tools with regression, performance, security, and other testing methods which are executed within the CI/CD pipeline.

Software or Web Testing is Essential to gain a competitive edge and fulfil speed-to-market objectives launching your website or application online without rigorous testing is like skydiving with untried equipment. Thousands of dollars spent on marketing & promotion will go down the drain if initial users encounter bugs and errors while browsing your site. That’s why you need to think about website, software or mobile application testing. After launch auditing is also critical in the same way to keep your website in best shape.

Continuous Development and Deployment

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TechieLeo offers a wide array of software testing services and solutions to the next generation enterprises and startups across the globe. Our experts and highly skilled quality assurance engineers deliver Bug free systems that helps you to launch trouble-free software and applications to meet digital quality benchmarks.

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Welcome to the era of digital transformation, where software is the backbone of business operations. The success of your software applications is crucial for achieving your business objectives. That's where independent software testing comes into play — a strategic move that can revolutionize your approach to quality assurance.

Why Independent Software Testing?

Objective Evaluation

Independent software testing provides an unbiased and impartial evaluation of your software. With no internal biases or conflicts of interest, testers can focus solely on ensuring the highest quality.

Fresh Perspectives

An external testing team brings a fresh set of eyes to your software. They approach your application from an end-user perspective, identifying issues that might be overlooked internally.

Enhanced Quality

Independent testing focuses not only on finding bugs but also on enhancing the overall quality of your software. It helps identify areas of improvement and ensures your software aligns with industry best practices.

Broader Testing Coverage

Independent testers often bring a wealth of experience from various industries. This diverse background enables them to provide a broader spectrum of test scenarios, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


Contrary to common belief, independent testing can be more cost-effective. By preventing the release of defective software, you save on potential revenue loss, reputational damage, and the cost of fixing issues post-release.

Website Testing & Auditing Process

1. Requirement Gathering & Analysis

In this stage, experienced team of testers goes through client requirements, and creates a rough blueprint of how requirements can be tested. Development technology, framework and other technical requirements are studied before creating the blueprint. A dedicated testing team is created to handle the project after giving a closer look to associated challenges.

2. Strategy Creation & Planning

Test Plan and Testing strategy is created in this phase, and all the details are shared with team members & client. The detailed document thus created also covers testing environment, hardware & software availability, associated risks, and timeframe related particulars. A professional web application testing company will never start testing without strategy development.

3. Test Analysis & Design

During test analysis, testing needs of each SDLC phase are sorted, and decisions related to automation are taken. Requirements of non-functional testing are also defined in this phase. Test cases are designed using black-box and white-box test design techniques. Keeping in mind positive, negative and end user scenarios, test cases are prepared. In case automation testing needs are present, automation scripts are written by the team.

4.Environment Setup & Execution

The team sets up the software and hardware testing environment to start the execution phase. The defects discovered during the execution of test cases are reported in the bug tracking tool. Initial execution reports are created and shared with client. After the issues are fixed, the round of re-testing and regression testing is initiated to make sure that all the issues have been fixed and other areas haven’t been affected.

woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white paper
woman in black long sleeve shirt holding white paper
5.Final Testing and Report Generation

Sanity or happy path testing is performed on in production-like environment to make sure all the crucial functions are working smoothly. When all the testing processes are completed, the final generation of testing reports shared with client. These should include test plan, time spent, the total number of errors found and fixed. After Client approval, project is marked closed.

person working on blue and white paper on board
person working on blue and white paper on board

Whether you are looking for a website auditing testing company or require a software testing team to test your web application, you need someone that follows a scientific testing and auditing process. At TechieLeo, we make bugs, errors and other site discrepancies disappear with our proven testing methods and techniques.

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TechieLeo is a leading provider of Software Testing and consultancy services. Make a strategic choice for the success of your software — embrace independent testing. Elevate the quality of your applications, reduce risks, and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of your software.