Out-Source Performance and Security Testing Services

Non Functional Testing Services

Performance Testing

Testing the performance of your site, application and online store is crucial – don’t worry, we got you. Also, we would ensure system is able to handle the concurrent users load and all online transactions go smoothly even if multiple users are trying to pay or access your app/website at the same time.

man usingcomputer
man usingcomputer
  • Evaluating a website's performance in a controlled environment is essential for understanding its capabilities under optimal conditions. This involves conducting tests and assessments in a controlled setting to gauge how the website functions and performs without external variables affecting its responsiveness.

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks in the system is a crucial step in optimizing website performance. This involves pinpointing areas within the system where inefficiencies or constraints are causing slowdowns. By addressing these bottlenecks, it becomes possible to enhance overall system efficiency.

  • Verifying the average response time on critical pages is a key metric for assessing user experience. By analyzing the time it takes for critical pages to load, developers can ensure that users receive a seamless and prompt interaction with the website, contributing to a positive overall browsing experience.

  • Detecting performance-limiting issues in the system architecture is vital for understanding the structural constraints that may impact overall functionality. This involves a comprehensive examination of the architecture to identify any design or structural elements that may hinder optimal performance.

  • Recommending strategies to improve response time is an integral part of the optimization process. Once performance issues are identified, proposing effective strategies and solutions can help enhance the website's responsiveness and ensure a smoother user experience.

  • Making comparisons with other industry websites provides valuable benchmarks for performance evaluation. Analyzing how the website fares in comparison to competitors or industry standards helps in identifying areas that may need improvement to stay competitive in the market.

  • Checking system performance for maximum load and high traffic is crucial for assessing the website's scalability. Understanding how the system handles peak loads and high traffic situations ensures that it can accommodate increased demand without compromising performance.

  • Monitoring database locks and memory usage is essential for maintaining system stability. By keeping a close eye on these factors, potential issues related to data access and system resource allocation can be identified and addressed proactively, contributing to overall performance optimization.

A website that breaks down or flashes the ‘over capacity’ message suffers traffic & business loss. This is the reason why Load, Stress and Performance testing is critical. We use stringent testing processes and tools like JMeter and Neoload to;.

Security Testing

Security Testing: Your customers would be required to fill in sensitive information (such as user information, credit card number, CVV number and so on) during an online transaction or any other action. Hence, we ensure that all the vital information is secured and malicious users are not able to penetrate it. Increased online transactions and data theft instances makes security testing almost a necessity

shallow focus photography of computer codes
shallow focus photography of computer codes

We make sure that confidential data remains secure by:

  • Conducting a website check-up for common security loopholes is a fundamental step in ensuring the digital safety of a platform. This involves a comprehensive audit to identify and address vulnerabilities that could be exploited by potential threats, protecting sensitive data and user information.

  • Authentication and authorization testing is critical for verifying the effectiveness of access control mechanisms. By evaluating the methods through which users are authenticated and authorized, security experts can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific resources, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

  • Examining business logics, data validation, and session management is essential for a thorough security assessment. This step involves scrutinizing the underlying logic of the website's operations, validating data inputs to prevent malicious inputs, and ensuring secure session management to protect user interactions.

  • Sharing suggestions to avoid industry-specific and admin security threats is crucial for tailoring security measures to the unique challenges of a particular sector. By offering tailored recommendations, security measures can be aligned with industry best practices, safeguarding against threats specific to that domain.

  • Preventing access to the website through unethical means involves implementing measures to thwart unauthorized access attempts. This includes employing security protocols and technologies to detect and block malicious activities, ensuring the integrity of the website.

  • Ensuring the security of important data and online transactions is paramount for safeguarding sensitive information. By implementing encryption, secure communication protocols, and robust data protection measures, the website can provide a secure environment for users engaging in online transactions.

  • Examining the website for spoofing, URL manipulation, XSS, and SQL injection is critical for identifying and addressing common attack vectors. Detecting and mitigating these vulnerabilities helps prevent unauthorized access, data manipulation, and other malicious activities that can compromise the website's integrity.

  • Testing the website for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities involves a systematic evaluation based on the widely recognized Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines. Addressing these common vulnerabilities ensures a robust defense against prevalent threats in the web application landscape.

  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking involve simulated cyber-attacks to evaluate the resilience of the website's security infrastructure. By proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, penetration testing helps fortify the website against potential threats, enhancing overall cybersecurity posture.